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Promote bloodflow & circulation-

Graduated compression stockings stimjulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to your muscles.  These pressure socks not only can prevent cramping, fatique, swelling, bht they also help muscle recovery, spider veins, and circulation issues.


Pain away-

Whether it be from long trips, working on your feet all day, pregnancy, or just everyday activities, we've all experienced leg pain at some point; not to mention unsightly vericose veins that can creep up on us too.  With proper compression and quality design, our performance socks can help relieve leg and foot pain and control varicose veins.  They also make the best athletic socks!

Compression Socks

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    New Sibling Workshop

    New Sibling Workshop is designed for big brothers and big sisters welcoming a new sibling into their family.
    Ages 3-8 (accompanied by a parent),
    Ages 9+ (parent optional)
    1 hour workshop, light snack is available.

    Prepare your child to be a big brother or big sister! You will soon have a new baby in the family, AND a big helper! This workshop will introduce to your child what caring for a new baby is like. We will discuss gentle touches, demonstrate diaper changing helpfulness, swaddling baby basics, and discuss feelings about being a big brother or sister. We will share ideas about playtime, quiet activities and how to enjoy sharing space and toys with the new baby.

    $30 per child. Preregistration is required.
    *Please bring a baby-sized doll or stuffed animal (bear) for practice.

    Each child will go home with a Doddle&co pacifier, a swaddling blanket, Honest diapers for practice, and information on family resources (for parents).

    Contact Momma Says for more information.

    New Sibling Workshop